Breakthrough Worship Center Celebrates Second Annual Anniversary

Bronx, New York – On Saturday May 31st and Sunday June 1st Breakthrough Worship Center celebrated its second anniversary. Guest speakers included Bishop Shawn Williams and Dr. Forson Swanzy. Getting ordained as bishop, head pastor Benjamin Boateng and his wife Deaconess Emelia received their doctorates in Christian Ministry. The two day event resulted in new formed relationships with Christ, and healing deliverances for many. ‘It wasn’t just an anniversary,’ said missionary Cecilia Boateng, a twenty three year old praise dance choreographer at the church. ‘It was a time of gain. God showed up in a big way.’ Referring to a family who dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and made Breakthrough Center their home church, she stated, ‘If one day of celebration can save a whole family, imagine how much more God can do many years to come.’

On the second day of the anniversary, some of the youths were openly recognized for being baptized and confessing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Clad in all white attire, each one of them received a certificate of baptism. Twenty-three year old Kate Agyeiwaa, the first person to be baptized by Dr. Bishop Benjamin Boateng received her certificate last. Smiling openly, she walked head on, and firmly shook Dr. Bishop Boateng’s hand.

‘I didn’t even know that I was going to be baptized first,’ said Agyeiwaa. ‘The Holy Spirit gently pushed me. I felt the hand of the Lord upon me as my head was soaked in the water. Right then, I felt all my mistakes, failures everything erased. I felt safe.’ Dr. Bishop Boateng said he is expectant of what the Lord will do for Breakthrough Center. ‘The church has come a long way,’ he said. ‘But the Lord has always been good.’

By Freda Boateng, The Christian Journal Contributor

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